Computer Number Control (shortened commonly to CNC) Machining is a manufacturing process where computers are used to control machine tools such as mills, grinders, lasers and more for accurate numerical control when shaping metal and plastic shapes.

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Manufacturer & Model #: Viper Horizontal Mill – X-4240
Machine Specs:
Size: X=159″, Y=94″, Z=50″
Manufacturer & Model #: Viper Horizontal Mill – VF-9
Machine Specs:
Size: X=84″, Y=40″, Z=30″
Manufacturer & Model #: Victor Vertical Mill – JF-4VS
Machine Specs:
Size: X=36″, Y=16″, Z=16″
Manufacturer & Model #: Bridgeport Vertical Mill – F-362
Machine Specs:
Size: X=33″, Y=12″, Z=16″